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Political parties reaction on Tiger’s population rise.

Tiger population in India rises to 2226 in 2014, growth by 30% in three years

BJP Neta: Aa gaye aa gaye Acche din aa gaye

Congress Neta: All because of the vision of Rahul Baba

TMC Neta: Many of them are from Bengal, you see we are not just breeding terrorists (Udi baba shorry bheeshon mishtake, shleep of tongue)

SP Neta : *Correction* – There are now 2228 tigers in India, you cannot leave Akhilesh Babua and Netaji

BSP Neta: Ha! We have erected more elephant statues than the total number of tigers in India

MIM Neta: There is only one tiger in India, one and only Bakru Tiger bhai

Shivsena Neta: All because of our logo and Uddhav Bhau, Thanks!

AAP Neta: Had Kejriwal been the PM of India, the population would have been 7209374329734927342374, we have proofs to back our claim

Via: The Frustrated Indian

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