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Cool Valentine Messages

The best date is with someone…


who can take you anywhere without touching anything but your heart 🙂

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 9:33 am

Funny Marathi Whatsapp Joke

कुलकर्णी  स्थळ बघायला आलेला असतो

कुलकर्णी – गाता येते का
मुलगी- हो
कुलकर्णी  – गाऊन दाखव
मुलगी – तो काय बाहेर वाळत टाकला आहे
कुलकर्णी – ओह…. वाळू दे वाळू दे!

मुलगी बाहेर जाते अणि मूठभर वाळू आणून देते..

कुलकर्णी चक्कर येउन पडतो

थोड्या  वेळाने  तो  तिला  विचारतो  आणखीन  काय काय येतं?


Updated: February 10, 2017 — 8:28 pm

Huge Saving on Valentine Day For Single

Feb 7: Rose Day ___ Rs.20 (Red Rose)

Feb 8: Propose Day ___ Rs.100 (Card + Ice Cream)

Feb 9: Chocolate Day ___ Rs.250 (Cant give a low price chocolate)

Feb 10: Teddy Day ___ Rs.700 (That’s the lowest price)

Feb 11: Promise Day ___ Rs.130 (Again,few food expenses )

Feb 12: Hug Day ___ Rs.250 (You have to hug after applying a DEO)

Feb 13: Kiss Day ___ Rs.150 (SPRAY MINT before kissing)

Feb 14: Valentine Day ___ Rs. 2000 (You cant handle lesser than this amount)



Updated: February 8, 2017 — 8:37 pm

Best Valentine Day Messages

Cool Valentine Day Messages for Whatsapp and Facebook
You are my Number to Every Thing
You are my Style number
You are my File number
You are my Dance number
You are my Mobile number
You are my House number.
Just be my Heart Beat number.

Just be my Valentine
The Chocolate season’s hereThe Flowering season’s hereThe Heart season’s hereThis Pink ValentineThe Greatest reason’s here.Just be my Valentine


Updated: February 8, 2017 — 9:17 pm
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